Globos de Ouro em citações

"If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the internet. And you can find a lot of people there who don’t like you. I’d like to address some of them now. Babs in La Crosse, you can suck it. Diane-fan, you can suck it. Cougar-letter, you can really suck it."

Tina Fey

"I’d like to thank all my dogs. The ones that are here, the ones that aren’t here anymore, ’cause uh, when a man’s alone, that’s all you got is your dog."

Mickey Rourke

"I still have a cold ... It’s not the other thing that it used to be."

Colin Farrell

"Madonna has had to get rid of one of her personal assistants. Our heart goes out to you, Guy Ritchie."

Sacha Baron Cohen

"I can’t believe I’m not nominated. What a waste of a campaign. Today is the last time I have sex with 200 middle-age journalists. It was horrible. Really. A lot of them didn't even speak English. Europeans with wispy beards. The men were worse."

Ricky Gervais

"It’s unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. It’s not supposed to happen."

Kate Winslet

"Welcome to post-racial America! I am the face of post-racial America. Deal with it, Cate Blanchett! We'd like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press ... especially me, 'cause a black man can't get no love at the Emmys. I love you, Europe! That's what's up!"

Tracy Morgan

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